A digital meditation using Bitsy by Adam Le Doux. This codework depicts life as an automated flying delivery drone in a gated traffic environment, with the city parsed as a tightly constrained, algorithmic space. Physical buildings, and the city environment more generally, all but disappear within this wholly synthetic map, which constitutes the only reality seen and acted on by the drones. Terse electronic bulletins narrate the action, but in a style mirroring aviation terminal language, and so may not be immediately readable. The overall aspiration is to evoke a sense of future city life as seen through the eyes of its automated infrastructure.

Unsure where to go? Follow the arrows and the flashing boxes! Try another direction if the way ahead is blocked. It is also worth examining any nearby drones that are on standby. There are often multiple messages for each drone encounter, so keep cycling through.

If you complete the delivery itinerary then you can access the airspace permissions necessary to freely orbit the network. A typical playthrough, overall, may last a few minutes - reaching the 'end' is perhaps not really the goal here.

The look of this piece was drawn from an illustration by Superflux, "Cartographies of the Sky", for their Drone Aviary (2015) project and film.

Plays with sound.